About Us

Beginning in 2014, Little Urban Apparel was founded on the need of a mama to find unique clothing styles for her little one in a market full of overly saturated clothing. We began by selling small scale items like printed T shirts and have grown since then by expanding our styles and sizes. Little Urban Apparel will continue to grow and change as urban fashion continues to change. We embrace families of all types and feel that your children's wardrobe should reflect the dynamic fashion that accompanies an ever changing world.

We are based in Orange County, CA. As a small business, we work one on one with those who produce our clothing here and in different parts of the world. We make sure to produce clothing only with manufacturers who pay their employees fairly. What we mean by this is that they are paid a livable wage. One where they are able to pay their bills, pay for food, and provide for their families. 

You can reach out to us at and follow us on Instagram @littleurbanapparel